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Yet Another Reason Sane Caring People Will Take Apart This Dangerous and Morally Sick So-Called Civilization

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

Yet Another Reason Sane Caring People Will Take Apart This Dangerous and Morally Sick So-Called Civilization

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The Court protects the people who are destroying the planet, and punishes those who try to save it through the system. So, we will bypass the system — and take it down.

The Supreme Court and other tools of the corporate elite are rendering the planet uninhabitable. They have demonstrated time and again that they will not allow sane caring people to save humanity and the biosphere within the confines of our plutocracy.

For our children to live, the plutocracy must go. Completely and soon.

Serving Chevron, one of the most dangerous and cruel corporate criminals in history, the Court ruled that Chevron’s revenge against lawyer Steve Donziger — they arranged to have him disbarred — can stand. Donziger was also sentenced to 6 months in prison. Strangely, two of the most backward right-wing corporate shills on the Court, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, dissented.

In any case, Chevron was burned by a $9.5 billion settlement against it in a case won by Donziger. For having the temerity to fight for justice and the survival of the species, Donziger must pay.

That’s how American (and international) plutocracy works. That’s why we must — and will — end plutocracy. We will also end Middle East totalitarian oil profiteers from extracting toxic oil, and similar reprehensible practices in China, India, Russia, Europe and elsewhere.

We care about our children, the planet and our collective future. We don’t care about any of these fools. We will not obey them and we will not allow them to continue their crimes against humanity.

The Choice Is Greed and Hate, or Kindness and Love. We Choose the Latter.

We have decided that a system that punishes justice and rewards evil is not acceptable. We have decided to institute a civilization worthy of the name instead.

Danziger is being punished. Meanwhile, Chevron won a court injunction preventing collection of the settlement against it.

Obviously, this is sick, cruel and a ridiculous perversion of justice. Obviously, this court and this system has no credible claim to legitimacy. Obviously, we won’t stand for this.

By “we” I mean sane caring people who won’t let corporations and their allies destroy the planet their children will inherit. In fact, this also includes childless people like me who oppose all forms of child abuse, especially one that victimizes every child on Earth.

Climate abuse is child abuse.

No corporate official has ever served a single day in jail for climate destruction. Not a single day. There is no justice here.

And so, we will take over and make things right.

Please check out EarthRebirth.Team. We are not concerned with politics, but we will defy any government, corporation, system or rule that threatens our ecosystem and our children. We will build a better civilization.


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