A Climate Declaration

Why We Are Done Talking About the Climate

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

Why We Are Done Talking About the Climate

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The 27th COP has been completed. That’s many years of many “important” people talking about the climate and doing nothing. We hear all kinds of debates, really a senseless rehashing of the same empty banter spoken for decades.

Many will still continue to talk. Let them. Those of us who are sane and caring and responsible, those of us who are truly determined to restore a healthy Earth so that our children have some hope for decent lives — WE are done talking.

It’s An Emergency

Talking instead of acting is failure to recognize that we are facing an emergency. Talking instead of taking emergency measures — WE won’t do that.

Talking is insanity. Talking is death. Talking is child abuse. Talking is pissing in the pool. Talking is supporting the worst possible outcome.

We Are Done Listening, Too

Leaders, deniers, delayers and other tiresome fools no longer have our attention. Why protest COP? Why show up where those people are gathering? Why acknowledge failed leaders as if they are legitimate in the very role they continue to fail?

We don’t support them. We don’t acknowledge them. We don’t cooperate with them. We are not interested in them.

We know who they are, what they are doing, and why. They are not up to the task. They are siding with oil profiteers. They ARE oil profiteers. They have chosen death.

They do not represent us. And no “election” can justify their death-affirming actions.

What We Will Do Instead

We will gather together. We will talk, but only in preparation for action. We will drink. We will party. We will strategize. And we will ACT.
With determination. With feeling. With an eye on the prize. We will oust the pretenders, the failures, the people who are leading us to doom.

We will not be led, and we will not let the failures draw borders on what can be done. We will be unstoppable because, instead of being powered by greed or ideology, we are powered by love of our children and the Earth itself.

We have Nature on our side, a Nature who is actively rebelling against those who are abusing Her. Business as usual, even without our revolt, is becoming impossible.

Our revolt will accelerate and direct things towards a better future. We will replace the old culture of greed and consumption and shallow distractions. We will replace that empty joyless culture. We will model and build a culture of camaraderie, of love and joy, of connection between each other and of connection to Nature.

We will demonstrate that greed (and its inseparable pal stupidity) is simply one aspect of human nature, one that has been elevated by sick systems of economics and politics. We reject greed and stupidity as a way of life. We will embody the exact opposite.

And we will inspire others to join us. Others who have been invisible, and depressed and afraid. Other who thought — mistakenly — that they were few in numbers. That they were alone and powerless. More than a billion will join us. That is the size of the latent power of love, of parents love for their children, and of humans love for their planet.

Reality Is the Main Attraction

COP meetings, G7 meetings, Davos meetings, the United Nations, whatever. Those are all clown shows. And tiresome old unfunny ones, at best. When we talk about them, show up at them — even to protest — we draw MORE attention to them. We RECOGNIZE their power and to some degree, even recognize their legitimacy.

Instead, we should move the show to a place of our choosing.

We should be protecting and working and meeting and making noise at places where Nature has revolted. We need to show our support of Nature. We need to go to storm destroyed towns, to dried riverbeds, to clear cut former forests. We should be visible in these places so people can SEE the reality, not the clown show.

Our only relationship with the climate abusers is to stop them: through non-support. Maybe stop paying taxes. Stop giving their politicians money. Stop giving their politicians audiences. Stop giving their “ideas” and books and think tanks and networks our eyeballs, our ears and our time.
Stop producing their goods and services. Stop building their yachts. Stop cooking and serving their food. Stop treating their “money” as if it has value in the face of a collapsing civilization.

The details of our tactics need to be worked out. The tactics will vary from person to person and place to place. That’s great! We should be fast-moving and unpredictable.

We will change everything with our numbers, by seizing the initiative, by becoming impossible to control or suppress or divert.
And while climate destroyers do their evil deeds with “serious” expressions on their faces and sonorous tones in the voices, we will ignore their bluff. We will lead the change with joy, with laughter, with camaraderie. We will have the temerity to have fun — for ourselves and at our adversaries’ expense.

Next Steps

In January, I will begin holding Virtual Climate Parties. Everyone and anyone who’s sane and caring is invited. This is strictly for people who are ready to save the Earth. Bring your vices — alcohol, caffeine, marijuana — and be ready for a good time.
Also, be ready to bond together with others for a good cause — protecting and healing the Earth for our children. Bring a positive mood and an attitude of determination.

This will be initiated by me, but ultimately the attendees will determine the direction, the approach. And, if all goes well, this will be come a viral event, with additional online Virtual Climate Parties held by attendees or others who have simply heard about VCPs. There will be multiplying cells of activists, independent, imaginative and bound together in a common cause.

Love will overwhelm hate. Love of our Earth will displace the abuse of our planet. We will recognize no “other” to marginalize or blame or abuse. We will stop the evil acts of the failed leaders but embrace them as fellow human beings. We will protect the future of everyone’s children, including those of the fools who brought our civilization to the edge of collapse.

Some Negativity Will Persist And Some Will Say We Are Unrealistic

Many good people, caring and intelligent and thoughtful people, are already defeated. They will accuse us of being unrealistic. They will propose a more traditional approach of revolt. Or they will suggest it’s too late or our adversaries are too powerful.

This is fully understandable. We acknowledge the size of the challenge, but WE are undaunted. No disrespect for fans of old failed strategies or for those overwhelmed by the challenge. I’ve been there myself.

But I’m ready to move on, to meet the challenges. I feel certain that there are at least a billion people out there who love the Earth and their children. People who are unwilling to give up on either and who are, in fact, determined to do whatever is necessary to protect both.

Keep an eye on the website at A Climate Declaration and on my Medium postings for info on the first Virtual Climate Party. The announcement is weeks away. The first such event will probably be in January.

But you can be a part of it. Tell anyone and everyone who you think might be interested. If all goes well, this could be the start of something big.


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