A Climate Declaration

What To Do

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

Download and read A Climate Declaration

ACD is a framework for action. It is designed to inspire and guide. But it is not complete. It needs YOU to develop more specific tactics and to carry them out. It needs YOU to share and promote the ideas and objectives.


Share it with others

There are a variety of ways to share ACD. You can print it out and post it on telephone polls, leave copies at coffee shops, post on bulletin boards and walls. You can send it to your favorite (or least favorite) public official, using the version of ACD designed as a mailer. Oh, and you can share it on social media. However you do it, ACD needs publicity first before it can become an effective avenue for change.

Please do your part, using whatever methods work best for you.

Start a video chat group and discuss it

Using Zoom, or (my favorite) Jitsi, gather friends and associates who care about the climate online to discuss ACD and tactics you can carry out to make it work. Every movement starts with very few people, but it needs to tap imaginations on how to move forward. Video chats are a way to do that. Plus, they can be fun!

Develop and carry out tactics

Strategy is important. A Climate Declaration calls for removing all the people and rules that impede climate action and putting young climate leaders in charge—worldwide. But to make this happen, we need to DO something. We need to make noise to grow our numbers and visibily. We need to make “business as usual” impossible. But “how” is a question that requires imagination. Fortunately, a growing movement with more and more people has enough people with imagination to develop and spread and carry out good tactics. If you can, be one of those people. If not, at least participate in carrying out good tactics.

Make some noise

Without visibility, nobody knows there’s a movement, and even billions of caring people who are ready to act are powerless. Make noise. Talk publicly and repeatedly about A Climate Declaration, about what needs to be done and why. Dispel the myth of powerlessness, the myth that enables a small number of insane fossil fuel profiteers to destroy the climate with no meaningful resistance. Post A Climate Declaration regularly online and in the world. This is easy and very, very important.


Keep going. Never stop. We can do this but only if we are stubborn and never let up.