A Climate Declaration

What If Our Climate Revolution is Playful and Full of Joy?

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

What If Our Climate Revolution is Playful and Full of Joy?

Photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash | Goodbye stupid climate abusers!

Our devastated climate doesn’t seem like much fun, but fixing it could be.

This is going to seem a little crazy. I’m dead serious about the severity of the climate crisis and the need for immediate meaningful action. But serious and solemn are not exactly the same thing.

Maybe we could smile and playfully overrule our foolish leaders while we stop fossil fuels. Instead of having anxiety attacks and standing by while our planet destroyed, we can play games and laugh while saving it.

In fact, this might be the best way. Hear me out.

Power depends wholly on obedience. The power of so-called powerful people is the power to get us to do what they want. If we refuse, they have to do it themselves. And they won’t because they can’t.

Yes, there will still be other fools who obey. But we will shun and ridicule and isolate them. We will have a fun rollicking game to help our children and the Earth. We will have fun while they spew bile and get angry and threaten us and basically have a bad time failing to get us to obey.

In fact, we will rarely give them any attention at all. We will be enjoying each other’s company.

We will obstruct, sabotage and ridicule the status quo endlessly, with great glee. This will require some bravery, but because we love our children, our planet and humanity itself, it will be easy to stand up to those who threaten all three.

We will never submit. We will never obey. We will be unbeatable.

I’m not sure we could pull this off without humor and fun. A playful attitude will be the glue of this nonviolent revolution of good against stupid. The camaraderie of our movement will make the angry, miserable fools jealous. A few will even switch sides.

But we don’t need to convert them to sanity and kindness. We simply need to stop them.

And that is what we will do. Together. Smiling and laughing.


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