A Climate Declaration

To the Ridiculous “Authorities”: Stop Yammering. We’re Done Listening.

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

To the Ridiculous “Authorities”: Stop Yammering. We’re Done Listening.

Photo by Ali Saadat on Unsplash

Yes, climate destruction is unparalleled evil, powered by greed and cruelty and lies. But most of all, the whole thing is stupid, childish and insane.

If you stop a moment and set aside any fear, you can clearly see immature and comically stupid fools spouting nonsense, spoiled children who want all the toys. A toddler with his hand in the cookie jar denying he’s stealing a cookie.

You don’t reason with someone like that. You don’t argue with him. You don’t consider his words or make excuses for his actions.

You send him to his room.

It’s embarrassing that we ever listened to them at all. The plutocrats. The presidents and Senators and dictators. The Supreme Court.

What a joke they all are. What a joke their economic and political systems are. A plutocracy, awash in corporate money pretending to be representative government.

Seriously? If you are going to sell that lie, wouldn’t you try to keep K Street secret? Sure, they’re concealing the actual handing out of bribes — PACS and other entities are used to protect those giving and receiving the bribes. But hiding specifics still exposes the fact that the entire system pretending to be representative government is a sham.

And free market capitalism? With the capitalists owning the politicians through bribes and paying for their campaigns? Getting favors from every administration whatever party? (Yes, the GOP is more servile to their billionaire patrons than the Democrats, but they both take the money and serve the same paymasters.) Absolutely ridiculous.

These fools and their nonsense cannot be taken seriously. Certainly not by me. Every aspect of their (literal) insanity is right there in plain sight.

Here’s the thing: I’m done listening. I’m done arguing. I’m done with their little imaginary world of mania. The inmates are literally running the worldwide asylum and I’m treating the insane AS insane.

I talk with sane, caring people who love their children and want a habitable Earth for future generations. Nobody else is worth my time. I want to work with these good and sane people — the billions of us marginalized by the insane rulers — to end the systems and behaviors of those who threaten us all. I want to work with the sane to depose the insane.

I am convinced that we’ve been hypnotized from birth to obey, to be agreeable because we are polite and civilized. This isn’t done consciously or with intent. It’s simply how an inane society operates.

But the circumstances demand that we change our behavior and become unruly and ungovernable for the sake of our children, the Earth and sanity itself.

That’s what A Climate Declaration is about. Yes, it doesn’t have a step-by-step plan for our success. But it has enough of a framework for each of us to begin working together. To create strategizing climate groups — like book groups but focused on rescuing our climate from those authorities who are destroying it.

Look away from the insane “leaders” and their media and lackey and apologists. Let’s look to each other. Let us begin. Time is short. Please click, read, think and take action.