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The Foolish Disruptive Ineffective Protester in Front of the Tank in Tiananman Square

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The Foolish Disruptive Ineffective Protester in Front of the Tank in Tiananman Square

I was trying to cross the Square but a bunch of stupid protesters were clogging everything up. Why do they need to mess things up for ordinary people? This one guy was actually standing in front of a tank! What good could that possibly do?

Who are they going to persuade by disrupting the lives of ordinary good people like me? We aren’t the despots! Do you think that by inconveniencing US that this accomplishes anything at all? I don’t know what people like that are thinking, but they are hurting their own cause.

They are simply foolish.

Why don’t they focus on protesting the actual people who are brutalizing Chinese people? The kids driving the tanks aren’t in charge of anything. They’re just doing what they’re told.

Deng is the bad guy. This annoying tank guy should find Deng and give him a piece of his mind. Except that it’s uncivilized to bother people at their homes or where they work or while they’re trying to enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant.

We’re trying to have a civilization here!

Protests should be polite and non-intrusive. What’s the point of being angry or self-righteous or disruptive? It just makes you look bad and hurts your cause.

A proper protest doesn’t bother anyone. It’s out of the way and easy to ignore. That’s the right way to protest…if you feel the need to protest. In my view, anyone who has the time and inclination to protest has TOO much time on his/her/their hands. Protesters are essentially adults who have never grown up. They’re living in their parents basement and they don’t have jobs.

They don’t know anything about responsibility.

Well, I don’t know about them, but I WORK! I’m productive and responsible. I’m adulting while they are farting around making noise.

Protests That Don’t Meet With Approval

Colin Kapernick got on a knee before NFL football games during the playing of the National Anthem. That’s disrespectful and unpatriotic. He was immediately banned from football. Wait! No he wasn’t banned. He suddenly became unable to play football at the NFL level. It was a coincidence that this happened at that very moment.

Three women stood up and politely stated their objection to Dobbs and urged American women to vote. Very unAmerican. All three were arrested, as they should be. We can’t have this kind of disorder at the Supreme Court.

And what was going on with those black people sitting at the lunch counter at Woolworth’s? The sign clearly says “whites only.”

Can’t they read? Don’t they have any respect for the rules?

You know, Nuremberg has a right to have its laws respected. Those Jews who violated the laws, they need to learn their place. For God’s sake, if we can’t respect the law, we have lawless chaos.

Protesters. I just don’t get it.

For those of you who don’t get it, this is a snarky presentation from the viewpoint of people who object to how protests are carried out. I think they miss the point that well-behaved protests are ineffective and a waste of time. Disruption is the heart of protest.


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