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The “Authorities” Themselves Know They Are Losing Us

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The “Authorities” Themselves Know They Are Losing Us

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Our trust is the source of their power and, yes, they are pretty clueless but just aware enough to be afraid.

People are laughing at the House of Representatives. The SCOTUS is not respected. The police are assumed to be liars. Wall Street is obviously a den of thieves. The “brilliant” techno-billionaires are 3rd-rate Bond villains and bumbling buffoons.

Authorities everywhere are exposed and they know it and they are afraid. They should be. Their game is nearly over - just as long as WE finish off their stupid game. It’s time for responsible adults to take charge.

We need to take away their toys. Their military weapons. Their dangerous clown shows pretending to be serious institutions. Media that reduces a climate collapse to a situation that might affect a political career or the size of a billionaire’s fortune.

Authorities are clueless that the billions of human beings and the lives of all the creatures on this Earth are what matters. They actually believe that all that matters is themselves and their money and their power. And, most of all, that we respect and obey them.

As they continue to lie and to abuse us and to fail at their responsibilities, they plead for us to trust and respect them. Have you noticed?

We Are More Deluded Than They Are.

The irony is that we are even more deluded than those who are nominally in charge. We believe that they are still all-powerful and that resistance is futile. We think that the only way to change things is through the systems they control, and that we are blocked. We are despairing at the very moment when our power and their weakness is becoming clearly visible.

But the authorities see their power slipping away. They can see they are being sneered at, ridiculed and dismissed at every turn. They have a sense of foreboding and are doing all they know to stop the threat. They double-down on their old “tried and true” tactics. These tactics have always worked in the past. But maybe not this time.

Respect Is Gone. Next Obedience Disappears.

Supreme Court Justices are giving talks, desperately claiming they aren’t partisan hacks - precisely because the public has determined that’s exactly what they are. They know their credibility and therefore their authority is disappearing.

People can see that “Justices” who claimed at their confirmation hearings that they accepted the principle of stare decis and who identified Roe v. Wade as settled law to get confirmation went on to repeal Roe v. Wade. There is no rebuttal for that. They lied. They make partisan decisions. It’s obvious to nearly everyone at this point.

Every business and political “leader” who talks about acting to protect the planet from climate collapse is a liar or simply impotent. We know this because we’ve been hearing from these ridiculous people for DECADES and C02 emissions continue to INCREASE. Politicians and businessmen have NO credibility, but they still make speeches and make noise about what needs to be done. Most of us are no longer listening. We are scribbling big red clown noses on their pictures. We know they are ridiculous.

Even Al Gore, who is a good man and sincere about wanting to stop climate collapse, continues to believe in the system - the very system that is destroying the climate. He is naive because he himself is a product of that system. This is sadly true of other climate advocates working within the system; that includes good people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders. The system IS the problem and it can’t be fixed from within. At least it can’t be done now, because it would take more time than we have left.

Techno-billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are starting to see the popular delusions, that tagged them as gods, fade to black. Musk is a joke for his Twitter foolishness. Bezos is identified as the champion of greed and abuse of employees. We all know that Amazon drivers must pee in a bottle. Even Apple is known as the company with suicide nets to keep the Chinese assemblers of iPhones from killing themselves.

People everywhere know these things. We are slowly digesting this knowledge and will soon come to the obvious conclusion. Our leaders are spoiled children, with no wisdom and that they are incapable or unwilling to do what’s needed. We need responsible adults and we will never have them within systems that reward greed and fame instead of kindness and intelligence.

And this realization will be the birth of disobedience - a disobedience that will snowball. But because time for the climate is running dangerously short, we must actively speed up the process.

We must justify the fears of our failed leaders by disobeying them, removing them from power, by defying their systems. And we must listen to they scientists, and empower true experts to do whatever is necessary to rescue the health of our planet, and therefore the well-being of all the species that live on Earth.