A Climate Declaration

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A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

Steal This Letter

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

Edit the text as needed and send this letter to your Representatives, Senators and/or President.

Dear (name of politician):

No personal disrespect is intended, but the United States government along with governments around the world, has failed catastrophically to prevent climate collapse — even though they were given a decades-long advance warning by scientists. Not only has the United States failed, but so has China, India, Russia, Brazil, Australia and pretty much every industrial and environmentally significant country on the planet.

This is not a personal failure of you or of any politician. This is a systemic failure; it seems that every government is strongly influenced or controlled by the fossil fuel industry. And that industry is committed to maximizing profits at the expense of destroying our children’s planet.

Sane and caring people cannot let this happen.

I am not by temperament a revolutionary and I continue to oppose violence against any human being. But I am fully in favor of forcing the resignation of every government on Earth through non-cooperation, strikes and non-negotiable demands. It seems to me that governments must treat climate collapse as an ACTUAL EMERGENCY — or step down in favor of people who will.

The people who have the moral standing and integrity to resist fossil fuel profiteers and do what’s right and necessary are young climate activists. These young people — everywhere on the planet — are the most passionate and committed protectors of the Earth. That’s because THEIR GENERATION will inherit this grievously damaged planet. They actually listen to the scientists.

It is right and necessary that the reigns of power be handed over to the young NOW, before it is too late. Impotent old men — which describes most of the world leaders — have no moral right to finish destroying a planet they will leave in a decade or less.

I have been sharing my thoughts about this online and on the streets. I firmly believe that a billion or more sane and caring people — if made aware of each other, of their numbers and their power — will change the power structure on every continent and do what’s required to end climate abuse, and restore the health of the planet.

I feel is it only fair that we give you notice of our ideas and intentions. We are not the enemy. We are out to fight for the Earth and everyone’s progeny — including your own.


Ray Katz