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Rich People: Go To Your Room

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Rich People: Go To Your Room

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And don’t come out until you are ready to behave.

It’s time to tell the “leaders” to step down. Right now. We know what they are doing and it’s unacceptable. They must stop. Immediately.

What They Do

There are a few thousand ultra-wealthy people on a planet that has nearly 8 billion. These very, very rich people represent maybe one hundredth of one percent of the people on Earth.

The political and economic systems have been gamed by them — they have flooded politicians with bribes (euphemistically called donations) for decades — and they control policy worldwide. They are using that undeserved power to destroy the climate of the planet so our children and grandchildren will suffer as no generation ever has in all of history.

They do so for childish, foolish and irresponsible reasons — they want everything; no amount of money or power or fame is enough. They want more.

They are spoiled brats.

It’s Not Their Planet

These petro-plutocrats (rich people who control governments and make money from fossil fuels) act as if the entire Earth were their personal property. They want to use it as a resource to make money for themselves. They don’t care what or who they destroy.

When somebody tries to stop them (which rarely happens) they have tantrums about “freedom” and the miracle of capitalism and markets.

They are fools and we are foolish for ever listening to them. We must stop right now.

People Are Not Their Servants

These same rich thugs believe that they, by right, own not only the entire Earth, but that they also own YOU. They would have you believe that the only proper way for you (and most of the other 8 billion people on the planet) to spend their time is to serve the wealthy and make more money for them.

We must work to live, and only profit-generating activity is considered to be work. Anything else is a hobby, at best.

This is a sick and absurd idea. Indeed, nothing could be a bigger waste of a lifetime than working to make some undeserving self-righteous ass richer. Most work consists of producing crap that nobody needs, crap that is quickly thrown away, crap that fills landfills, crap that damages the biosphere in its creation, and crap that wastes valuable time of people who could, instead, be LIVING AS HUMAN BEINGS and not as HUMAN RESOURCES.

Why Are You So Quiet?

Yes, you are busy. That is by design. But that’s also a trap.

You are tired and stressed out. You need more money. Demands are being made on you constantly.

But stop for a moment. Take a breath. The way out isn’t to work harder. No matter how hard you work, you will never have enough. A few people “succeed” but that’s just for show. That’s an excuse to keep you tired, and enslaved. You are smarter than that. You UNDERSTAND.

The first essential step to change everything, to free yourself, to save the children, to repair the Earth, is TO SPEAK OUT. Speak clearly and directly and do so often. Don’t respond to the bullcrap being spewed out at you. Take control of the conversation. Put the despots on the defensive.

Your life is too valuable, and your true work is too important to delay or set aside. Your true work is to make the world a better place by removing the destructive and dehumanizing system under which we currently live, and replace it with a humane, caring worldwide (and local) community of people who value the Earth and each other.

Your life should be an example to others. They should see you speak out. They should see you listen and care for others. They should see what it means to be a human being.

Living A Proper Life

That would be a proper life. That would be a meaningful life. That would be a life with a purpose.

Accumulating crap, hoping to get a promotion, seeking approval of a people who’s behavior is despicable — that’s not a worthwhile life.

You can do better. You can do better NOW. There are many things you can do. Choose the ones that feel right to you.

Write to “important” people and tell them the truth. Tell them that you are through listening to those who abuse the planet, and abuse people, for personal gain. Tell them they are being childish and irresponsible. Tell them that their own children will loathe them and never forgive them when they fully realize what their parents have done to the Earth. Tell them to change their ways, to stop being so stupid.
Live your life with your true potential as a human being. Extend kindness to strangers. Treat every person as a valued unique person — not a means to an end. Strangers are just people — like you. Immigrants are just people — like you. People of different races, or sexual situations, or nationalities, or physical appearances are just people — like you.
Embrace the good in people and reject the bad. Both qualities appear in the same person, in every person. We are imperfect creatures, but we have natural goodness within us. We live in a world that rewards our evil instincts and punishes our good ones. Reject that world. Embrace the good.

Join Or Start A Human Community

We are holding Virtual Climate Parties — upbeat social and strategic events to build a movement of small groups worldwide, to make a better world. These are online events. This is all just beginning. We have held only two such events so far.

Consider attending. Consider starting your own such group. We can save our planet, and bring out the best in each other. THIS is a truly worthwhile use of your time. This is an activity that counts as LIVING, not merely marking time.

The next two events will be:

Saturday, February 4, 2023 at 3pm EST
Thursday, February 16, 2023 at 8pm EST

You can find more, including info on how to attend, right here.


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