A Climate Declaration

Refuse To Be A Bystander As They Burn Your Children’s Earth

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

Refuse To Be A Bystander As They Burn Your Children’s Earth

Photo by Amaury Gutierrez on Unsplash

Do not go gentle into that dark night.

— Dylan Thomas

Fossil fuels are toxins and authorities everywhere are willfully encouraging oil profiteers to spew them into the atmosphere in record amounts even though they know that alternative clean energy is available and necessary. For them, it’s too inconvenient and not profitable enough to try to stabilize the climate.

They are killing your children because they are greedy and lazy and they don’t care. They’ve also invented excuses (that they may actually believe) to continue on this genocidal path. But the truth is the truth.

This “business as usual” approach is ratified by an absurdly blasé media (climate change is just another story) and the fact that your friends and neighbors also accept universal death as ignorable and perhaps no big deal. But secretly, many of them feel exactly as you do.

The real problem, some say, is climate anxiety. The idea of dealing with the anxiety by actually trying to solve the problem isn’t considered an option.

Yes, It’s Not Your Imagination: This IS Insanity

What we have been going along with is literally insane. WE KNOW BETTER. It’s time to overcome our conditioning and become a broken record, repeating the truth and calling out authorities and so-called experts on their catastrophic failures and ongoing crimes against humanity.

It’s not about who is and isn’t nice. Many of these authorities and leaders are nice. We don’t need to be angry at them, or punish them, or seek revenge. We need to STOP THEM and put people in power who will do what’s needed.

We need to tell them we don’t respect their leadership, that most of these failed leaders will be dead in a decade or less, and if we allow them to continue our children will inherit an unfixable disaster.

So, we need them to go away. Now.

Send A Letter

I’ve composed a letter which you can adapt with your own edits, and send to leaders. We can let them know. We SHOULD let them know.

But we also need to let each other know. My belief is that we are in trouble because so many of us DO CARE and are READY TO ACT but feel like we are alone and helpless. We don’t know that perhaps a billion people (and perhaps many more) worldwide feel and think just like us.

We are not yet ready to speak up. We still sit quietly as our leaders speed us to doom. We despair instead of act. We predict defeat instead of creating success. We don’t want to rock the boat.

Well, the boat is sinking with our children aboard. Now is the time for mutiny…or death.

I choose mutiny. You?