A Climate Declaration

Post It! Revolt

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

Be A Part of the Post It! Revolt

The ultimate and absolutely necessary objective of our movement is to create a worldwide emergency program led by climate scientists and guided by young people—who will inherit this ruined planet and won’t kick the can down the (nonexistent) road—to do whatever is possible to fix things, insofar as possible. We know that the planet is permanently damaged, but perhaps we can keep it habitable.

We have a moral obligation to try as hard as possible.

What IS the Post It! Revolt?

To force the changes we need, we need bigger numbers of activists. We need to energize the (literally) billion plus people who care, who are worried, who understand the severity and significance of the crisis. We need to make them realize that they are not alone, and that together we have more than enough people to create the emergency program we MUST have to survive.

How do we alert these people? And each other? What can we DO to be visible?

We need something EASY to do, something eye-catching, something that’s so ubiquitous you can’t ignore it. I’ve worked on a variety of ideas (along with my group at EarthRebirth.Team), and here’s the best idea yet:

Start putting up climate messages on Post It! notes, everywhere but especially in high trafficked public places. Subway and bus stops. On and near college campuses. Major commercial streets. Near large venues for sporting and entertainment events. And, of course, coffee shops.

What goes on these Post It! notes? And what does this achieve?

These notes make it easy even for busy people to DO SOMETHING. These notes and related activities (like posting photos of them on social media and tagging them) also RECRUITS more people. Ideally, it will be viral and build our following. Furthermore, using social media—or perhaps it’ll even get coverage in other media like TV and newspapers—this movement can move to other locations, different cities and even countries.

This not guaranteed, but if our early adapters—perhaps YOU—diligently put them in decent numbers at high trafficked areas like college campuses and transit hubs, we might just pull this off. It really doesn’t take all that many people to start. I bet less than 10 people, working smartly, could do a great job in New York City.

Here’s what goes on the Post It notes:

  1. The tagline “Strike While the Planet Is HOT! (ideally in red felt tip pen)
  2. A call to “Visit: aclimatedeclaration.com
  3. The actual message (you can see my samples or write your own!)
  4. It would be great to use the hashtag #PostItRevolt

And, please take photos of any Post Its you put up and put those photos on social media along with the hashtag.

That’s it. It’s easy. It can be fun! With a little effort and luck, it might save the planet! I’m doing it. I hope you (and your friends!) do, too.