A Climate Declaration

My Battle With Climate Abuse

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

My Battle With Climate Abuse

The author at City Hall, Philadelphia, PA on September 20, 2019

I’ve been concerned about the climate for quite a long, long time. But I always thought that, no matter how stupid the human race can be, they’d do what’s necessary to save the planet for the next generation. After all, our species did avoid nuclear war (so far) and other existential crisis.

Unfortunately, leaders across the planet along with every political and economic system has failed catastrophically and we are speeding towards extinction. Instead of sharply decreasing our use of fossil fuels, we continue to increase it. The end is in sight and it looks like oblivion.

I became fully aware of the scope and severity of the climate crisis in 1992 when Al Gore came to the local Borders bookstore to promote his (then) new book “Earth In the Balance.” I listened and learned. A few weeks later, he was nominated to become the next Vice President. In 2000, when the Supreme Court overruled the American voters, the majority of whom selected Gore as president, we lost our last chance to save the planet through standard channels. Soon after, the petroleum elite had seized enough government influence/control to complete their greed-driven demand to profit from destroying the Earth and our children’s future.

That’s where we are today.

I am very much the introvert and I’m very uncomfortable in crowds. (I’m okay in FRONT of crowds; I used to do theater.) But I attended climate protests — it’s just too important to NOT be there.

I’ve seen young people take the reigns of protests and revolt against climate abuse. I’ve seen that THEY are leading, while the so-called adults make excuses and take phony measures that continue to delay any meaningful action to end fossil fuels use and quickly transition to clean energy.

I’m out of patience.

On July 14th, I’ll be releasing something on Medium called “A Climate Declaration.” This will also be available at a website at aclimatedeclaration.com. In less than 400 words, you can read and be inspired by ideas that are in the air — they are not my ideas; they are the thoughts and feelings of billions of people who are frustrated and fearful about the future. And ACD is a framework for action, meaningful action, that YOU can take starting July 14th. It’s also a guideline for going forward, expanding the power and influence of ordinary people who are sane and caring and committed to their children and their love of this beautiful Earth.

On that first day, I’ll ask you to read “A Climate Declaration” and, if it inspires you and if you believe in the latent power of the billions of us who care, I’ll ask you to download it and post copies on telephone polls and walls and wherever it can be seen. Visibility is the first step. But we have a lot do to in a very short time.

Thank you.