A Climate Declaration

Let’s Have “The Talk”

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

Let’s Have “The Talk”

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 Time for the talk. Not about sex. Or race. It’s not about politics. Or religion. It’s certainly not about girls’ periods— a taboo subject in Florida and other fascist states. It’s not about the existence of gay people…yet another taboo subject for fascist politicians. This talk isn’t even about the option of terminating a pregnancy.

No. It’s time to talk about the MOST TABOO subject of all:

The illegitimacy of leaders and systems that are destroying the ecosphere to maximize their personal wealth and/or power. And taking immediate steps to remove all of them permanently.

This is the talk we need to have right now because we have been evading the most terrible crisis threatening the Earth and all its inhabitants: climate collapse. We know from our own senses and the research of 15,000 climate scientists that our extractive fossil fuel economy is rapidly turning the planet into a deadly hellhole. This is something we must terminate immediately using whatever approach is required.

Controlling the Narrative

Many of us have decided that we will not follow, repeat or otherwise participate in the inane narratives promoted by our sick culture and corporate media. We don’t care about the Kardashians. We don’t care about the careers of any politicians or the lives of billionaires. What the newspapers, and TV, and blogs and podcasts talk about — attempts to control our attention for money — well, they don’t seem to know or care what’s important. We won’t follow their lead.

WE know what’s important and so WE are taking control of the narrative. If you want our attention, and if you want us to listen to you — well, YOU must listen to us. In defense of our children, the Earth, and our common future, WE will outline, explain, and endlessly repeat OUR demands and requirements and intent for what must happen going forward.

And we will not only talk. We will meet. We will pool our resources. And we will act persistently and decisively until the health of the planet and the biosphere is stabilized and, insofar as possible, repaired. And even then, we will stand as relentless guards in defense of the planet.

Effective NOW, we are seizing the microphone. Fools can talk to each other. Sane caring people are moving ahead, doing the work. Fools who destroy? We don’t need you. We will stop you. We will end your destruction and create a better civilization for all of us.

Putting Insanity on the Defensive

We invite leaders and corporations to defend themselves. They can’t do it, but it would be amusing to watch them try.

Murdering the entire planet is indefensible. Let me repeat that: murdering the entire planet is indefensible.

There is no case for continuing corporate capitalism (or what is, in fact, plutocracy). There is no case for retaining any of the political or business leaders currently in charge of entire countries and multi-national corporations. All have failed catastrophically to preserve the climate. Most have failed intentionally. Given their records, none can be trusted in any position of authority or influence. They must be retired — voluntarily or forcibly — today.

The Practices and Values That Dominate Today Are Insane

The whole notion that under our system, greed is channeled in a way that ensures the greater good is demonstrably false. In fact, it is clearly VISIBLY false. We can see that this system is killing the oceans, killing the environment that has — for thousands of years — sustained us and our co-inhabitants of this planet.

Allowing this to continue is insane. Any philosophy or ideology that supports this deadly system is insane. Any culture or religion or argument that protects the existing system is insane. Any extractive and environmentally destructive system that resembles ours is insane. For example, an extractive system designed to concentrate power and wealth in the hands of a few — like those we see in China and Russia, whatever we call those systems — are ALSO insane and must be stopped.

The giant climate abusers — corporations, governments, and their enabling agents — are killers. Fossil fuels are their Zyklon B. Oil derricks and refineries and pipelines are their train tracks to Auschwitz.

This is an attempted planet-wide holocaust. WE will stop it. WE must. Because nobody else will.

Join the Talk. Join the Action.

We have a small but growing group. We believe that, worldwide, literally more than a billion people — possibly several billion — are desperate to stop the climate holocaust. They will join and participate once they realize that a gigantic movement of ordinary people is forming. They will add strength to the existing movements. This group can be decisive — literally making the difference between mass death and a new, better and sustainable civilization.

YOU can join now. Please visit EarthRebirth.Team. Join. Sign up. Let’s do this.


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