A Climate Declaration

Leaked Memo of Conspiracy To Spread Kindness and Ecological Sense

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

Leaked Memo of Conspiracy To Spread Kindness and Ecological Sense

Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash

To: The Entire World

From: People Who Care

Subject: Conspiracy To Change The World

Date: Right Now



We want to make it spread, to take over the culture everywhere. We want o overwhelm corporations, governments and giant global institutions.

We encourage any and all recipients to leak this memo. Our conspiracy isn’t a secret — it’s an open plot. We want everyone to know. Not only is this a public conspiracy; we are inviting all members of the public who care about the present and future prospects of our species to join with us.


Corporations committed to maximizing shareholder value at the expense of human misery and environmental destruction — your day is over.

Governments that take bribes (money they euphemistically call “donations”) from the wealthy in exchange for laws and policies that favor the wealthy — your day is over.

Publicly held media that promotes information and directs conversation to focus on their self-serving priorities and away from human needs — your day is over.

We will replace you! People who serve those destructive entities are invited to quit their corporations and governments and World Banks and Davos gatherings and join us. We are friends of every person and enemies of every anti-human institution.

You must pick a side.

Our side will win because we have the numbers. How many people — given a choice — would fight to maximize shareholder return at the cost of immiserating themselves, dooming their own children, and trashing the Earth? Who would choose that over defending their own dignity, the well-being of their children and restoring the health of our damaged Earth?

Our conspiracy will give everyone that choice. YOU now have a choice.

Admittedly, today there are very few of us. We don’t look like much of a force. Most people do not know they have a choice, that they can join us and add meaning to their lives. But we are convinced that literally billions will choose love over greed, Nature over environmental abuse, and life over death. We just need to provide that option. We will.

Our plan is to meet in small groups. We will socialize and devise strategies and carry out actions. These groups will multiply. Each will operate independently, but according to common values and principles. We will model a better society — as a humane community of people. We will choose being human over being human resources, over being techno-servants, or ideological window-dressing and foot soldiers for purported “leaders.”

We are people, with hearts and minds and dreams and ideals. We are ready to assert ourselves.

We have already begun. Our first group has met several times. In the coming months, you will see us out in the world. Visible and impossible to ignore. Our offer is so attractive that it will be irresistible to thousands. Then millions. And then billions.

Don’t wait. Join with us now. It takes just a bit of your time each month. Help spread the word. Participate. Be able to tell your grandchildren that you were there — actively working for their future — at the very beginning of The Great Turnaround.

Build a better future with us. Look here at how to attend a Virtual Climate Party:

Virtual Climate Parties

In Solidarity,

The Conspirators