A Climate Declaration

It’s Coming — Your Opportunity to Rescue the Earth and Everyone’s Children From Profiteering Climate Destroyers

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

It’s Coming — Your Opportunity to Rescue the Earth and Everyone’s Children From Profiteering Climate Destroyers

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As I write these words, world leaders continue to fail catastrophically at the most minimal task - protecting a habitable Earth to hand over to the next generation. They fail despite the fact that they have been given decades of advance warning by climate scientists and that the scientists have told them exactly what they must do.

Leaders have chosen to serve a small number of wealthy plutocrats, fossil fuel profiteers who are, in effect, greedy nihilists who cheerfully kill their own offspring in a ridiculous race for infinite power and wealth. For them, there is no such thing as enough. Even universal death is not enough.

To be fair, it’s more like the “leaders” are being chosen by the plutocrats, using various strategies including creating and funding groups like the Texas Public Policy Foundation. That’s a non-profit dedicated to suppressing clean energy and helping fossil fuel interests destroy the planet for profit.

This greed and destruction and nihilistic insanity isn’t just in the United States. It’s worldwide.

The oil profiteers will ultimately fail because they and their fortunes and especially their offspring will be unable to survive on a ruined Earth. This is obvious. They are in denial about this, but it’s true. Right now, the Earth itself is striking back with unprecedented wildfires, extreme weather events and other petroleum-based disasters. Climate collapse is here.
There have been, as yet, many heroic but no truly effective efforts to end climate abuse and stabilize the climate. We are on a path on which the oil profiteers “win” but also die in disgrace and take the Earth with them.

We cannot let this happen. We can and must rescue the Earth, the species that inhabit it, and our own children.

Here’s how.

I Don’t Have All the Answers But WE Do

People everywhere, in huge numbers, understand and are horrified by what is happening. But they feel helpless to do anything. Plutocrat-funded propaganda has fooled many. Sane, caring people cannot influence their governments to do the right things.

Governments serve their wealthy funders and nobody else.

But those huge numbers of sane caring people are awakening and growing. You won’t realize it by reading what’s published in the media, because the media itself doesn’t see it. The so-called powerful interests want everyone to believe that resistance is futile. But the opposite is true, and will become obvious to everyone.

The current path carved out by the fossil fuel thugs is hopeless. It is doomed. The destruction cannot be covered up. The Earth’s angry revenge at Her abusers is growing. And ordinary people WILL react, and change everything.
By ordinary people, I mean me and you. And a billion other like-minded friends who we haven’t met - yet. Together, through a network of small affinity groups, we will develop and carry out strategies and tactics to save the climate.

This will happen through Virtual Climate Parties (VCPs). You can join the early ones, online chats of “Saners” (people who recognize the crisis and are determined to end it), starting in January 2023. The details will be announce by me on Medium and on the website A Climate Declaration.

Some Notes on Virtual Climate Parties

  1. These will be event for “Saners” to meet and socialize, share ideas and decide what they want to do together.
  2. We will create small affinity groups of perhaps 5 to 30 people, bound only by the principles described in A Climate Declaration (ACD), that meet virtually on a regular basis and carry out whatever actions they decide on.
  3. Each group picks it’s own specific actions, targets and strategies.
  4. Groups can report on their ideas for publication on the ACD blog, to share with others.
  5. We envision a growing number of small persistent actions everywhere, inspiring others and growing into a decentralized unstoppable movement.
  6. As visibility grows and the most successful tactics become apparent, perhaps the groups could begin to coordinate for the “final push,” an effort to overrule all existing “leaders” and establish a planetary emergency program to stabilize the climate, run by climate scientists and engineers.

Thanks for reading. Please share this with anyone who might be interested.

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