A Climate Declaration

Climate Vigil

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

Climate Vigils will be held most Saturdays at sunset
starting in September 2022
at Love Park, Philadelphia, PA


The First Climate Vigil:
Saturday, September 3, 2022
at Love Park,
Philadelphia, PA at 7:20pm


Important note: The huge celebration/festival called Made In America will be happening at the time of this climate vigil. It’s possible that crowds may make it impossible for me to get to Love Park or carry out the climate vigil. Still, I plan to try. Whether or not this climate vigil happens, I will be holding them in the future. Often.

Most Saturdays at sunset, I plan to hold a climate vigil at Love Park in Philadelphia, PA.

I and whoever wants to join me will silently watch the sunset. After, A Climate Declaration will be read out loud. Copies will be given to whoever wants them. Then I will walk home.

The whole thing should take only a few minutes.

I plan to invite guests and these guests can—if they so choose—do the public reading of A Climate Declaration. I believe, over time, these climate vigils will be noticed. It’s a small start, but I think this is the right thing to do. Although there are many other climate groups and movements making laudable efforts, none show signs of working. So, I am adding this effort—just in case it’s the one that works.


Love Park, Philadelphia, PA