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Climate Change Is An Evil Term Used to Protect the People (and Systems) Who Are Actively Destroying the Biosphere

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Climate Change Is An Evil Term Used to Protect the People (and Systems) Who Are Actively Destroying the Biosphere

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The climate isn’t passively “changing.” The climate is being actively destroyed by fossil fuel companies and their pals, like JP Morgan Chase.

When you use the term “climate change” you (and I) are providing cover for the people and corporations who are committing the worst crime against humanity in history.

Let’s stop using their language. Even Frank Luntz — the GOP strategist who persuaded his clients to use the term has now denounced it. Luntz changed his mind and decided that climate catastrophe was a genuine problem after a California wildfire loomed menacingly over his west coast mansion.

Climate Collapse, Climate Abusers, Climate Criminals

Destruction of the biosphere of the Earth — the planet ALL of us live on — is an unjustifiable act and those who are causing this destruction — the executives and biggest shareholders and financiers of ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Chevron and other industrial criminals — must be stopped ASAP by any means necessary. The fact is, the longer they continue unimpeded, the greater the inevitable suffering of our children and future generations. We cannot and must not allow this to continue.

One tactic we can use is honest language. Let’s use terms like climate collapse, climate abusers, climate criminals. Let’s call fossil fuels “death fuels.” Let’s call them toxic poisons. That is what they are.

Not Legitimate

We must separate people from their acts. We are trying to stop dangerous and evil acts. In this case, we must stop the production of fossil fuels at the source. Our well-being and survival as a species depends on leaving these substances in the ground.

We don’t need to punish and certainly shouldn’t physically harm oil executives or hedge fund managers or other world-class criminals. What we must do is erase their power and influence and end the production and use of fossil fuels — insofar as we can.

We need to make an all out effort because the more success we have, the better are the chances for retaining a habitable planet for ourselves and the species that share the Earth with us.

Those of us who now understand what is happening are finished having discussions, much less arguing about what needs to be done. Climate scientists have clarified what must be done. Talking with oil profiteers and climate deniers about what to do is like discussing “the Jewish problem” with Nazis. We won’t be doing that.

There is no legitimate excuse for continuing to burn fossil fuels, for fracking or pipelines or refineries. Oil is the Zyklon B of the 21st century. It is a tool of death used by cruel leadership under an evil ideology to kill and destroy.

Glossing Over the Crisis

The adversaries of our species, the foolish people who are determined to destroy everything including themselves for an illusory “victory” of financial gain, are carefully talking past the most important truths.

For example, the New York Times today covers the controversy over a pipeline to be used in carbon capture. This is portrayed as a green pipeline, one to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. This pipeline divides people and makes strange allies. The implication and impression the article gives is that this pipeline is a good thing and only ideology — not good sense — determines the position most people have on it. Thus, right-wingers who resent companies taking control of their land — defying property rights — are allied with suspicious leftists who oppose the for-profit project even though that project is good for the climate.

What is deeply buried in the article is the relevant truth. This pipeline, along with electric cars and other so-called technological solutions are useless (at best) as long as we continue to burn fossil fuels. In reality, they will do nothing except turn a tidy profit for the politically well-connected corporation Summit Carbon Solutions.

The entire project is tied to ethanol production. Industry is portraying ethanol as a clean energy substitute for fossil fuels. It isn’t. Studies show it’s even worse than fossil fuels. You won’t hear about that in this New York Times article. The real story here is about money, not the climate. A company called Summit Carbon Solutions is trying to collect hundred of millions of dollars in tax breaks.

The next big thing for climate abusers is the lie that capitalism is saving the Earth with profitable technology. This is the newest distraction to avoid the deadly fact that fossil fuels are continuing to be burned unabated with fatal consequences.

Keep the Focus

We will keep talking about the continued burning of fossil fuels, the lame excuses, and the consequences of allowing this to continue. We will not be distracted. We will not have a discussion about carbon capture or electric cars. We will talk about what and who is accelerating the rush to oblivion.

Everything else is a side show.


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