A Climate Declaration

Choosing Death Is “Realism”

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

Choosing Death Is “Realism”

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I have often said that no rule or system or leader should be allowed to delay or deter efforts to save the biosphere. But nearly every influential system in operation on the Earth today is actively promoting environmental doom — capitalism (actually plutocracy masquerading as capitalism), communism (actually totalitarianism masquerading as communism), and even Christianity (actually opponents of everything Jesus ever taught masquerading as Christians).

Nearly everybody in a position of authority has an excuse to destroy the biosphere. Doing so is their right. Doing so is the law.

Abuse of Power Comes As No Surprise

When I saw the headline inside today’s New York Times “Left With Few Options, Biden Freely Approves Drilling Project,” I was not surprised.

Keep in mind that candidate Biden swore he’d never allow more drilling on Federal lands. He said: “No more drilling on Federal lands, period. Period. Period. Period.”

Pretty unambiguous, huh? Like “Congress declares war,” another clearly worded requirement that’s been violated by both parties consistently since World War II.

Let’s Tell the Children NOW

Dear children,

You may wonder why we turned our beautiful Earth into the hellscape upon which you are now struggling to survive. This was explained on page A11 of the New York Times on March 14, 2023. Because you may not have a copy on hand, just as you do not have food, or shelter, or medicine, we’ll provide a summary of what you missed.

We needed to drill for more oil, to burn more oil. We knew that millions of you were skipping school and protesting worldwide demanding that we stop drilling, but we ignored you. That wasn’t important to us. YOU weren’t important to us.

You see, Alaskan politicians of both parties demanded that ConocoPhillips be allowed to defile the largest expanse of undeveloped land in America, to extract the oil, to maximize profits and to meet the demand for energy. Nothing else mattered to us. YOU didn’t matter to us.

Everything in our system favored this extraction, this toxic poisoning of the planet. Had Biden refused to allow the drilling, the courts would have ruled that the Federal government would be required to pay damages to the oil company covering the investments they had already made in the project PLUS the profits they never collected because they were unable to drill.

You see, we would have been required to pay an enormous amount of money — the taxpayers money! — if we didn’t drill. And our money was always more important than your lives.

The New York Times said that the decision to drill in Alaska was a difficult choice, but it was actually an easy one. With us in charge, you never had a chance.

By the way, kids, we’ve always been amazed that you continued to protest but never destroyed the fossil fuel infrastructure, never torched refineries, never impeded us in any meaningful way. For that, we’d like to thank you.

Best regards,

Joe Biden
Senator Lisa Murkowski (R, Alaska)
Senator Don Sullivan (R, Alaska)
The President of ConocoPhillips
Representative Mary Peltola (D, Alaska)
Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland

and many more long deceased adults who were never held accountable for their crimes against humanity