A Climate Declaration

Announcing the Dates & Times of the First Virtual Climate Parties

A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

Announcing the Dates & Times of the First Virtual Climate Parties

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The time is coming. This may be the birth of a new grass-roots climate movement. A movement composed of independent creative small groups. Affinity groups. Friends working with friends to save the world and everyone’s children.

Groups that don’t work through the systems, but works on them—or around them. Small nimble groups, too numerous and unpredictable to control or resist. Faster, more imaginative and bolder than the staid, over-confident status quos around the world. Petro-killers in Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, the United States, China…wherever fossil fuel profiteers exercise influence using propaganda and bribes.

They think they are winners. But when you “succeed” in destroying the habitability of the Earth, and have all but murdered even your own children, how is THAT victory? Well, we won’t let them “win.” This is a lucky break for the petro-killers who are their own worst enemies. We will spare them from their unforgivable “victory”—and rescue ALL of us.

Because the Virtual Climate Parties could be the viral worldwide trigger for a movement to save the world. Make no mistake—no politicians and no businessmen will save us. They are incapable of it. They are prisoners of their positions, lacking the imagination or courage to do the right things. That’s why they are all catastrophic failures; even the kind and smart well-meaning ones.

Only parents and their love for their children can form the backbone of a truly world-saving movement. They, and others who care about the Earth and the future, are capable of the determination and vision and energy required to pull this off.

And so the first two Virtual Climate Parties are now scheduled for January 2023.

What’s A Virtual Climate Party?

Initially, it’s an online event. It will be held online using Jitsi and I’ll put the login info below.

Who is invited?

Anyone who supports forcing leaders to either act decisively to execute climate scientists recommendations or immediately or resign. Any and every tactic is acceptable except for physically harming people. Subjecting climate abusers to ridicule, inconvenience and other indignities is absolutely okay.

What is the objective?

Have a good time. Come up with creative cultural ideas to make climate abuse uncool and expose it as utterly ridiculous behavior with absolutely laughable excuses. Establish that leaders in business, politics and other fields who stand in the way of immediate serious climate action are doofuses who can’t be taken seriously.

Ensure that it’s fun so that these Virtual Climate Parties can become a regular thing. Also, encourage attendees to hold their own similar events. Post the most enjoyable excerpts of these events on YouTube. Put up a Virtual Climate Party website. Alert the media…even if they ignore it for now.

The Details of the First Virtual Climate Party (VCP)

It will be held on Monday, January 9, 2023 at 8pm EST. It will be held on Jitsi, a free open source video chat platform that you can sign on to without an account…just a link. The link to join this first VCP will be:



There will be a second VCP on Saturday, January 21, 2023 at 3pm EST. SAVE THE DATE!