A Climate Declaration


A Framework For US To Rescue Nature

We Declare Our Non-Negotiable Commitment To Rescuing Nature.

The systems and leaders of the world—both political and economic—have failed consistently for decades to take the steps required to prevent climate collapse.

We will no longer follow. We will no longer obey. Our children and our planet is depending on US. WE will defy all leaders and disobey every law, request or norm that is destructive of our world. WE will take the necessary steps.

WE, the sane people of Earth, are making A Climate Declaration.

What YOU can do to get started.

There are literally BILLIONS of people worldwide—especially parents—who are ready to do whatever it takes to make big changes and repair the world that their children will need to live on. When YOU do something visible to challenge things, to help the Earth in violation of laws and rules and norms, YOU expand what seems possible. And inspire others.

This is how every peaceful revolution starts. This is how dictators are removed by aggrieved citizens. And this is how we have a revolution powered by love for our children and Nature Herself.

A Climate Declaration


We, the sane people of Earth, who love our children and the planet, withdraw our consent from leaders and institutions worldwide that have failed to stop climate destruction.

Warned by scientists decades ago to sharply reduce carbon emissions, decision makers have instead increased the use of fossil fuels. Today, we are witnessing unprecedented ever-worsening wildfires, heatwaves, droughts and hurricanes. Political and business leaders everywhere have failed catastrophically and must be removed immediately. Their time is over. Earth is at code red.

We are declaring a worldwide climate emergency to facilitate quick and effective action. The rules and norms that endanger us are null and void.

Our house is on fire.

We intend to replace current government, business and institutional leaders with people who care. This new leadership will include prominent roles for young people—because the young will inherit this damaged planet. Assisted by scientists and engineers, the new leaders—young and old—will work tirelessly to repair the damage.

We will hold these new leaders accountable to meet their minimum obligation: to restore and protect the habitability of the Earth. No person, no group, and even no majority has the right to impede this effort—any more than a majority has a right to murder a minority.

Can we remove failed leaders, reform failed institutions and heal the Earth? Absolutely yes. People with no formal authority have overthrown dictators, and forced important reforms. Our technology continues to amaze, including the rapid advancement of clean energy technology.

We know many will laugh and dismiss us. But we are powered by an unstoppable force—love for our children and our planet. A few thousand foolish people in positions of authority cannot possibly defeat the billions of us determined to fix the Earth.

Scientists and engineers provide knowledge and expertise. Caring adults and young people, aware that the survival and well-being of our species is at stake, provide direction. People of good will everywhere—including you—can contribute to our success.

Share this declaration.
Control the discussion to focus on climate action.
Speak truth to power—calmly and honestly.
Meet with like minded people regularly.
Plan and act using your best judgement.

Let’s end the nightmare. We can do this.



What To Do

Post these flyers: Click images to download. Or use Post It notes. Strike while the planet is hot!

The Post It! Revolt – An Easy Yet Important Way to Begin Changing the World

Why not put the heat on the climate destroyers? Isn’t it time we held them responsible for what they’ve done? And what they continue to do?

Fossil fuel executives, billionaire oil profiteers, and the politicians they own have been protected, and allowed to continue their ecocidal madness.

Until now.

It’s up to US to put then under an uncomfortable spotlight, and to, as soon as possible, seize power from them so we can have an actual worldwide emergency program, guided by climate scientists, to slash fossil fuel use and do everything necessary to try to rescue our ruined planet.

 We really need you to do this. What could be simpler? You need Post It notes (steal them from your corporate employer!) and a felt tip pen. Carry them with you and put these up every damn day!

Post It Climate Revolt - Sample One

Steal my message or role your own. Use the tag line “Strike While the Planet Is Hot!” And include the url to A Climate Declaration. Hey, have fun! Make a colorful doodle!

Post It Climate Revolt - Sample Two

Send a message using a Post-It! note. Tell people it’s time to speak up and to disobey. Send them to the website A Climate Declaration so they can participate!

Post It Climate Revolt - Sample Three

Steal my message or role your own. Use the tag line “Strike While the Planet Is Hot!” And include the url to A Climate Declaration. Hey, have fun! Make a colorful doodle!

A Flyer To Post Near Gas Stations

Reminding people at gas stations that the oil companies are ruining our planet and the future of our children. Oh, and they are ruining today. Let’s make sure people remember!

A Flyer For the WIndow of Your Restaurant or Store

Thank you for not destroying the planet. We don’t provide service to people without shirts, shoes or morals. So, no oil executives, please. Take your business elsewhere.

It doesn’t matter whether you enforce the policy or not. The important thing is to send the message, to start the conversation, to get people identifying climate criminals.

The text of “A Climate Declaration” clarifies what people see happening and acknowledges that their private thoughts are not unique. People everywhere understand the crisis and want to do something—not wait for failed leaders to act.

This is a framework for change and an impassioned call to action. This is a message we need to send, to get people talking and thinking and ultimately, taking action and control.

Download it and post it on telephone polls, leave copies in coffee shops and display it prominently in your own home.

Join "EarthRebirth Team"

Sign up to join the email list of EarthRebirth Team. They are a group that develops and acts on a variety of climate actions, designed to change the culture, change the conversation, and change the world. Every member helps! Click the image to sign up and be a part.

Attend a "Virtual Climate Party"

We hold live online video chats—strategy sessions—to discuss what we’ve done, what we plan to do next. We help each other develop climate actions and to carry them out. We urge people to attend theses events—or start your own. Click the image for info on how to attend the next event.

Changing the world is a combination of thinking and taking action. You will hear new ideas, inspiring thoughts and concrete ideas describing what you can do to change the culture and change the world.

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